“Ruff” is our team mantra. It embodies the ideal spirit of an ultimate player and can be referenced on and off the field. We reward players who show outstanding RUFF qualities with an awesome, state of the art, rubber wristband… Which then rewards you with mass amounts of street cred and style points.

Relentlessly Positive- No matter what happens, be positive. No one likes a negative teammate.

Uncontrollables- You can’t control the weather, early game times or an unspirited team, so it does no good to dwell on these factors. Things happen that are out of our control. Accept the cards that were dealt, and move forward.

Forget Quickly- Whether you dropped the disc or just had the most beautiful layout score, it happened last point. Forget about it. Clear your mind. Each point is a fresh start.

Focus on the Now- Ties into forget quickly. Do not dwell on the past. Whatever happened, happened already, forget about it and focus on the current situation at hand.