About Us

UCWU is a collegiate club level ultimate frisbee program. Our two teams, A and B, travel the New England area competing against other colleges in weekend tournaments. We focus on individual and team growth by having weekly practices and conditioning workouts all year long. Our goal each year is to be ranked #1 in our region and make the National Tournament. And we were extremely close to that goal last year, as we finished our season ranked #2.

If you are interested in joining our program please contact us via email. Or if you're here just as a fan/groupie/parent, we hope you enjoy our brand new website! Be sure to check out our "RUFF," Gallery, Roster, and other sections for more info!

Practice Schedule

Depot Schedule- Spring 2018

Monday/Wednesday: 8-10pm

Field House Schedule- Winter 2018

Sunday/Monday/Wednesday: 6-8